It's all about the music...

Music matters

Whether you're at a club, a party, in your house or your car, the music is what makes the moment.

We've all been at the 'cool' club, fancy party, or hip gathering where the music is just not right.

And when the music is not fun, you aren't enjoying yourself as much as you should be.

I've been there many times...a bar with crappy music is annoying; a party with someone's personal playlist just doesn't work...a club where the DJ's beats doesn't match the crowd

Music makes the event

There needs to be an understanding of the situation, the location, the people.

The music must match the party and flow with the party. Yes, house music can shift to hip hop, pop, and back, if that's what's needed.

Music needs to be curated

I've been at this since the days of mix tapes...pulling out songs from albums and singles and ordering them based on a great flow...not just put in any random order, but based on what songs followed best from the previous. These weren't beatmixed, so the songs really had to relate.

Then, I got into actual mixing, first vinyl only, then CDs, and later digital.

Whatever the format, it's about gathering the proper tracks.

Music your way

I've been a professional DJ for over 25 years...from big clubs and bars in DC, NYC, and Baltimore, loft parties, and corporate events, to neighborhood cookouts and 6th grade pool parties!

When I DJ, I like to take care of the people and the venue. It's not about what I like, it's about how to make the present be the best for everyone.

That's why on my Mixes page, you can listen to a wide variety of dance music styles. I don't box into a single genre, as there is too much good music out there. Every occasion has its' own flavor. My mixes range from house to tribal to hardhouse to pop remixes to deep to techno to trance to hip hop to disco house to progressive to 2-step to reggaeton to freestyle and more!

So, if you're in need of a DJ for a party, event, club, whatever, and you want the people to have fun, please Contact me.

Or if you just want a playlist put together, I can do that as well.

Check out the Services page for more info.